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What We Do?

RedIce team is ready to provide professional services in the following fields to make your ideas happen in the best way.

3D Modeling

To build any game with any style will definitely need 2d or 3d models and this is one of the main pillars of the game. The player has the most interaction with them during the game and this can have a great impact on player feedback. RedIce team spends a lot of sensitivity in this field to get the best output.

Making Games

Game development and programming on VR, Android, iOS, and PC platforms in the best possible quality. Design and implementation of game development projects from the beginning to the last stage in hyper-casual, mediocre, 3D fantasy, and 3D cinematic styles by the powerful game engine “unity”.


Character and environment animations are one of the most important parts of the game. If they are well designed, it will convey the sense of the game story to the person and encourage the user to play more. Another use for animation is to make advertising animated teasers.

Our Last Project

Prison VR Game


prison is a multiplayer VR Game developed for oculus quest device , The story of this game is a group of military soldiers who are imprisoned in a scary prison. Their mission is to kill the ruthless zombies and destroy the mutant creature (the giant of the last stage) of the game.Technically, in this game, real weapons and environmental effects like earthquake, wind etc are programmed, which shows that there are no restrictions in software and hardware implementation for the Red Ice team.

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RedIce team can turn your creative ideas into reality by using the latest technology and knowledge, as well as employing professional people in the field of game development.

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